We’ve planned something epic for this year, but TFO needs your help!

Due to the increased popularity of Zombies in popular culture, the TFO Zombie Walk has grown dramatically over the last few years, becoming too large for meet-ups in parking lots and guerilla walks. To meet this demand, event organizers are working closely with city officials and local businesses to keep this event safe, fun and FREE for zombies and spectators of all ages.

To better serve the community, this year’s Annual ZOMBIE WALK will be preceded by the first ever Sacramento CARNIVAL OF THE DEAD, the official TFO meet-up for the Zombie Walk, at Roosevelt Park, and will feature hours of pre-walk undead entertainment, including live music, food trucks, professional make-up stations, zombie sports, dancing, carnival games, vendors, contests, prizes and much more!

While it is exciting and humbling to have created such a successful event, it also means that the costs of producing an event of this size have also grown accordingly. The TFO Zombie Walk NEEDS YOUR HELP to continue this tradition in Sacramento. With the necessary expansions this year, costs have tripled and organizers need to raise $4000.00 to cover permits, police street closures, security, insurance, porta-potties, waste management, administration and entertainment costs.

For contributing, not only do you know that you are helping continue this exciting tradition of the Undead in Sacramento, but we’ll also throw in some fun and unique perks for donating to the cause. Every dollar raised will go toward making this event even more awesome and exciting than any other year!

Please help TFO celebrate 14 years of Zombie Walks in Sacramento, take over a city park and fill the streets with the Undead to make this the biggest and best local ZOMBIE event ever! Contribute if you can and please share and repost.

NOTE: Perks will be available for pick up AT the 2014 ZOMBIE WALK and Trash Film Orgy opening night July 12, 2014. If you are unable to attend, delivery can be arranged. Custom artwork will be delivered by Dec. 31st, 2014.

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