February 2017 — Trash Street Cinema

TFO Productions presents...

Trash Street Cinema on Art Street!

300 1st Ave, Sacramento CA

Trash Film Orgy invites you to take a tantalizing trip through the weird and raunchy early days of Trash Cinema. Join us as we bring you the wildest and most bizarre short films of the early 20th century, featuring trailers, cartoons, burlesque, music, history, monsters, sin, Satan and much, much more! You won’t believe your eyes!

SEE! Kill-Crazed Criminals on a Psychotic Caravan of Carnage!

SEE! Hellbent Harlots on a Booze-Filled Binge of Debauchery!

SEE! Jazz-Addicted Junkies on a Bloody Rampage of Wanton Recklessness!


Located inside the West End Club on Art Street

The West End Club is a temporary installation inspired by the lost bars and clubs of Sacramento's west end, featuring music, art, history, and beer.

Learn more about Art Street here: http://www.m5arts.com/

Art Street is open to all ages, but TFO film programs are recommended for mature audiences. Parental Guidance is suggested.

Beer and Wine are available for purchase for 21 and Over.


Friday, Feb. 3rd — Opening Night

7pm to 10pm

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Monday, Feb. 13th — Sleaze-O-Rama!

10pm to Midnight

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Thursday, Feb 16th — Jazz, Dope, Booze, and Boobs!

9pm to 11pm

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Sunday, Feb 19th — Badass Monster Killer!

9pm to 11pm

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Trash Film Orgy invites you to take a freaky, funky thrill ride through the dark and dirty streets of Camaroville with Jimmy Chevelle as he battles demonic pimps, shape shiftin suckas and terrible sanity-shattering extraterrestrial horrors from beyond space and time! Kinda like Shaft meets Lovecraft!

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BADASS MONSTER KILLER is 100% Local, 100% Independent, 100% Badass!


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