TFO Productions

TFO PRODUCTIONS is a Sacramento-Based Motion Picture Production Company specializing in High Quality, Low Budget horror and exploitation films for the global market. TFO also produces the wildly successful Trash Film Orgy Midnight Movie Film Festival which takes place annually since 2001 at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento.

The company is a partnership between Darin Wood, Christy Savage and Amy Slockbower, although TFO relies heavily on the involvement and support of local talent, volunteers and business sponsors to create their unique brand of movie-magic.

TFO Productions past projects include the features “Curse of the Golden Skull” and “Monster from Bikini Beach” as well as short films (‘Cheerleaders from Hell”) and music videos (Heathen’s “Dying Season” and SoulMotor’s “Down in Mexico”).

TFO is also commonly credited with inventing the worldwide phenomenon that is the Zombie Walk in 2001 in Sacramento.